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The Day I Came to Sahaja Yoga
Anna Karagity Toronto Canada
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Inner Peace
I remember going to my first Sahaja Yoga class in September 1998.
It was the beginning of September when I tried this class.  The   instructor was friendly  and the room was full.  The only thing that keep me away from these people that my head was full of voices, I couldn't keep eye contact, fear prevailed in me and everything in me was caotic.  I remember the instructor showing and explaining to use about chakras.  Then  a tape was put on where  we watched and heard Shri Mataji speak.  I really couldn't understand Shri Mataji because she spoke with a bit of an acent.  However, when the video was turned off, I felt peace like I had never felt before and the voices were gone for a few seconds.  Two boys were giving their testimonies on how Sahaja Yoga had improved their lifes  and I   was using eye contact and my fear was gone.

   I'm glad I came to Sahaja Yoga because my life has improved.